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Customer Loyalty Program

OMNITERM Customer Loyalty Program provides a fully automated system that effectively captures data related to the customer purchases and tracks their visits while providing loyalty rewards as an incentive.



  • The system will provide detailed data on where your customers purchased their tickets, when they visited and what their preferences were
  • Reward levels, bonus points and performance restrictions are easily configured
  • Customers registers on-line and can check their balance anytime
  • Loyalty cards promote your theatre, and will provide your customers with a feeling of appreciation resulting in a growing familiarity and comfort with your business

On-Line Loyalty registration webpage

On-Line Loyalty registration webpage

Omniterm has partnered with and CDN Print Plastic to being you reliable, high quality plastic loyalty cards compatible with our Integra POS software. Please click on their logo to contact PlasticPrinters and receive a free no-obligation quotation.


Soliciting a customer's continued patronage has never been easier.

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