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Digital Signage

OMNITERM continues to invest in its ability to incorporate the use of leading edge technology into your venues.


ShowTime Monitor

Connecting directly to the Manager's System

The OMNITERM ShowTime Monitor system connects directly to the Manager's System continually providing updated show time information on monitors throughout the venue.

The ShowTime monitor system has three standard layouts with the ability for the user to customize each one!





  • Ability to Display Static and Full Motion Advertising to Help Generate Additional Revenue
  • Increase Brand Awareness by Display Venue Logo
  • Update Film Name & Show Time Information Including Sold Out Status
  • Create Promotional Messages

Contact us to find out more about this application.



Auditorium Signage

OMNITERM Auditorium Sign application was designed specifically for the cinema industry.

Movie signUtilizing the latest in LCD technology, these signs are more efficient and cost effective than LED signs or static posters. Eliminate the process of manually updating your static movie posters with a flexible digital system that will inform and capture your audiences’ attention.

Fully integrated with Omniterm’s Theatre Management Software, the Auditorium Signage system is updated in real-time with any film schedule or auditorium status changes.

Find out how you can put this Auditorium Signage application to work in your cinema.


Digital Menu Boards

OMNITERM Digital Menu Boards capture the attention of your customers at the time when the purchasing decision is being made.

An integrated solution that automatically delivers the correct information to all displays as it is tied directly to our Integra Concession Manager application. It was specifically designed to engage and help influence the customer's decision making while they are at your concession stands. Create your own designs by utilizing any combination of graphics, text and video with our MenuBoard Designer.

Digital Menu BoardDigital Menu BoardDigital Menu BoardDigital Menu Board

Increase sales by creating eye appealing promotions. These digital displays offer the ability to continually up-sell while enhancing the entertainment experience!

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