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OMNITERM Self-Hosted Gift Card module lets the theatres host their own gift card service, giving you the power to control your customers' total experience. It is fully integrated with our Back Office software, allowing for theatre level and head office monitoring of cards issued, redemption and balances.



  • Eliminates the high transaction costs associated with 3rd party gift card services
  • Gift card is a referral tool. Each card sold equals another potential new customer
  • Increases sales as customers will spend more than the original value
  • Improves cash flow as payment is collected upfront
  • Prestigious. Sells better than paper certificates as well as it eliminates fraud as the cards are not activated until purchased


Omniterm has partnered with and CDN Print Plastic to being you reliable, high quality plastic gift cards compatible with our Integra POS software. Please click on their logo to contact PlasticPrinters and receive a free no-obligation quotation.                  


For added convenience, OMNITERM now has an online store linked with for all of your plastic cards and accessories needs! Plastic cards shipments are available for US and Canadian theatres.

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