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Keep your finger on the pulse of your business with OMNITERM and our Integra TMS. Robust reporting, easy to use dashboard and web-based sales monitor keeps you in control.  

From the broad overview of the dashboard, you can zoom in on any data component. Look at ticket sales or concessions; monitor concession staff performance and more.

In our Enterprise mode (relevant for any size theatre chain) you can streamline your theatre management and reporting so you're receiving timely and automatic updates on performance of films, theatres, sales staff, concessions and more.

Our Enterprise solution offers standardized data and applications across all aspects of your business. The very act of deploying our enterprise software encourages the organization to evaluate processes from a fresh perspective. When in place, Integra's Enterprise solutions deliver many benefits, including cost analysis, efficiency measures, single point of control and the ability to deliver consistency througout the organization.

Enterprise Mode Features:      

Enterprise modeOperating in an Enterprise mode has the following benefits:

  • Streamline the management and reporting of all business streams in your theatres.
  • The Push/Pull feature provides the ability to control and monitor theatre sales and performance activity from a central location.
  • Manage information and updates for enterprise consistency.
    • Centralized set-up of pricing for ticketing and concessions.
  • Reduce system administration by minimizing data entry.
    • Single point of entry for film and concessions data including setup of combos and concession key layouts.
  • Comprehensive set of Head Office summary reports and real time access to detailed theatre level reports.
  • Executive Management Dashboard 
  • Real-time Web access tools that provide sales information and statistics in both a text and graphical view at the theatre level.
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