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For over 40 years, OMNITERM has been developing and producing innovative hardware and software solutions for the entertainment industry.

As an innovator in Cinema POS, OMNITERM has seated millions and millions of happy, excited and engaged moviegoers about to enjoy everything from blockbuster, to rom-com to indy gem. Serving 1000s of screens in North America and around the world, our engineering-driven approach to the business delivers an astoundingly stable and user-friendly platform to cinema owners and managers.

Developing our software and hardware solutions in our own technology centre, OMNITERM delivers one-customer-at-a-time solutions that are ready to integrate with existing hardware, theatre branding and promotions. And with up-to-the-minute data monitoring and reporting tools, OMNITERM customers always see the big picture on screen by screen sales, concessions and more.  

kiosk & online ticketing  •  concession management  •  promotions  •  robust reporting


OMNITERM has deployed its Theatre Management Software solutions worldwide. 

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