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Theatre Manager

OMNITERM has been creating reliable and stable Point-of-Sale systems for 35 years. Our success has been the result of providing our customers with innovative solutions that are easy to learn and use while incorporating the latest advancements in technology.


Theatre Manager:     

Bridges between ticketing and concession functions. It handles the general information related to both areas such as:

  • Taxes 
  • Coupons
  • Discounts
  • Employees

Operating your Venue as a Head Office or Enterprise configuration, the Theatre Manager incorporates a powerful utility for handling data replication.

  • Facilitates data flow between the venue and head office
  • Sales data and inventory information can be uploaded to head office and setup information can be pushed down to the venue
  • All data-related functions operate in real-time, providing up to the minute information and statistics.

Spend time on the more important part of your job – your customers.

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